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Hello Dear,

Welcome to my page!

I’m Réka, born in 1990, living in Hungary, right now in Budapest but grew up on the countryside in a little village.

I got married in June 2015 and happily live together with my husband and our dog, Molly. She’s a mix breed, we apodted her in November, 2014 from an animal shelter.

I love creating, although I’m working as an analyst, I spend my spare time with creating. I used to make sculptures from ytong, paint aquarell and oil paintings (mostly copied other pieces), last year I learnt how to make natural cosmetics, how to make soaps, lotions, creams, deodorant and stuff.

And then, winter of 2014, I learnt how to knit from the internet. And here I go again, I went to a sewing school summer 2015, I took only 4*4 hours basic course to learn how to handle the sewing machine, etc. We started to sew a tote bag, but I couldn’t finish because I bought wrong zipper. So I went home, bought a machine and finished it on my own.

After that I made pillow cases, a Tilda doll, and then when I found some youtube videos, I tried to sew pencil skirts, and then I began my journey and created some dresses. I fell in love with sewing, I love it more than knitting, because knitting needs you to sit down for hours and hours and my back hurts a lot then, actually, I have a very sensitive back.

But sewing is different! You need to move, go to ironing, cutting the fabric, back to the machine and then I just sit on the floor and pin it and so on.

Actually sewing is my family heritage, my great-grandmother used to sew, my grandmother did, my mom and both aunts sew, so I feel like it was really the time to learn how to sew.

I’m a beginner, I laugh on my own mistakes, I make mistakes but I learn a lot and I LOVE learning! And I love changing. Amm… yeah, basically, this is my story.

One more thing: Red Heels used to be my blog about shoes. I blogged in Hungarian, I introduced daily deals, designers, shoe styles – but I got tired of it and I feel like writing about sewing and knitting, maybe helping other gals on the world is much more useful than just talk about shoes. Although I still love shoes! But sewing is more important for me.

Actually I try to make a handmade wardrobe, and I avoid shopping in malls. After I’ve seen Sweatshop series I decided I want to avoid fast fashion, and I’m sick of the amount of clothes and their cheap quality which I see in the malls and shops. I’m like, ‘I wanna suffer for my own stuff!’. So I try to sew everything I need.





3 thoughts on “About Me”

  • Hi I have enjoyed your blog very much. I know life moves us in many directions, I hope whatever you are doing brings you joy and good health. Miss your beautiful makes.
    All the best,
    Merry P.

    • Thank you for your kind words! 🙂
      Yes, well, in November we found out we’re expecting our first baby and since then I didn’t sew much, but rather read, cross stitch etc, so I abandoned a little my sewing world. I hope I’ll return some day to my precious hobby 🙂 All the best to you!

  • Congratulations!! I bet you’ll start sewing again when you see that new baby!!! I started sewing making doll baby clothes. Now I’m a grandmother and sewing for my 2 grandchildren, 2 and 4, is much like sewing those doll clothes only much larger, lol.

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