Hi Everyone!

As I’m today 36 weeks into pregnancy, I thought I’d share my latest creations with you.

No clothes, but toys and small stuff.

My mind is totally spinning around the Baby, motherhood, family etc., although yesterday I had my last bramaking workshop and I was happy because the participants really enjoyed it and were very satisfied with their bralette and thong! Yaaay!

At this stage these 2×4 hours workshops are quite exhausting, and I also finished working on 1st of June. Still my days are pretty busy.

Oh and today is the 2nd anniversary of our marriage, and I miss Tuscany, our honeymoon soooooo much! I hope next summer we can go back to Italy. This summer will be all about the Newborn Baby, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I guess everybody knows the feeling when everybody posts awesome holiday photos on social media and you are just barely alive in your flat during these hot summer days.

Okay, let’s see the creations:


1: Montessori puzzle ball for infants

Lovely Delphine, blogger of Sewing Tidbits gave me the tip to sew a puzzle ball for the baby. She can use it from her 3rd month and it’s a great developer toy for babies.

2: Mushroom fairy – needle felting

Last Saturday I went to needle felting workshop and we made this mushroom fairy in 3 hours. I think it’s a lovely technique and I might dive into it soon, just for fun, to try out more shapes because these little felt/wool pieces are so adorable!


3: Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies

I bought a Hungarian magazine called ‘Praktika’ back around Easter, it’s an artsy-craftsy magazine and it gave me so much inspiriation.
I made a textile-picture with hand embroiedery and textile-paint, and also a colorful bunny.

In the background you can see pillowcases made by me! Fabric: IKEA

4: Ragdoll with labels and with Waldorf face

I gotta admit, I’m totally in love with Waldorf dolls! But they are rather useful for bigger kids, so I decided to make a babysoft-cotton ragdoll with the cute Waldorf face.

It requires special fabrics, and shaping the head was insane… it was really hard at first, I messed it up like 3 times but in the end I’m really proud of it!


So, these are the more successful projects I’ve made… I wish you the best summer, and I hope our puppy, Molli will make you smile!



4 thoughts on “Creations”

  • Your new creations are adorable!! The ragdoll is sooo cute!!! I’m sure your baby will love everything! One of my friends just had a baby and your post has given me some ideas for making her a gift 😉 Best wishes!!

    • Thanks! Im glad I gave you some inspirations, the best that these are not so time-consuming, like when you make dresses and such ^^

  • Everything is sooo cute! I was just thinking about you the other day, wondering how you’re doing and is it baby Adel’s due date soon to come. It looks like you’re a very active and busy pregnant lady! So happy for you, sending you lots of love and good wishes!

    • Thank you! 🙂 well.. im not too busy, i rest a lot since Im done with working (since June) 😀

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