In case you wonder…

In case you wonder…

Hi All!

It’s been quite .. quiet a while!

I just wanted to let you know we’re expecting our first baby, and that’s why I abandoned the blog and all the sewing lately.

She (yes, a girl ^^) will arrive in mid July, and to be honest, since I found out about her, I’m not in the sewing mood, but I rather cross-stitch, plan the nursery, play music to her (mainly classical guitar and some kalimba), read and stuff.

It might be surprising, but I’m not in the mood also for sewing pregnancy clothes, mainly because this winter is going on for soooo long, and also because I became much slower, lazier. But don’t worry, everything is fine and good!

I want to make some baby things, like blanket, maybe toys, I was thinking about quilting too, but I get so tired after 2-3 hours of sitting at my hobby desk so there is no rush.

I hope I’ll come back one day, or could share some projects, we’ll see!

Happy sewing for everyone!


8 thoughts on “In case you wonder…”

  • Congratulations Réka!!!! 😀 I’m so happy for you!! We miss you, so I hope you’ll be back sharing your amazing makes one day 😉 I send you my best wishes!!

  • Congratulations!!! If you are looking to make some toys, look at Montessori Puzzle balls, this is the first toy my little one got really interested in. One was gifted to me when she was 3 months and I wish we had it earlier. Best wishes on your pregnancy!

    • Thank you so much!!! Oh I just checked out the puzzle ball and I really like it, I’ll try to create one 🙂
      I hope everything is good with you and the Little One, also you enjoy the motherhood! Best wishes!

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