Plaid shirt dress – Lekala 4508

Plaid shirt dress – Lekala 4508


After 1 month of process, the Lekala #4508 shirt dress is completed, hurray! I bought this beautiful plaid linen fabric at the same time the cotton fabric of this skirt, at the beginning of August. And I almost started the skirt and the shirt dress at the same time, but the teeny-tiny details of the shirt dress made the process much longer than I imagined.

I’m not talking about hours and hours of sewing, just enough technical sewing after you are shortly done with sewing on a particular day. (Like inserting the sleeves, reinserting the sleeves, sewing the cuffs etc.) These details require a lot of care and concentration and that’s why this was really slow fashion.

I thought I would be quicker, considering that I made this, this and this shirt before.

Here is the process:

So, at first I had to take care of matching the squares on my shirt dress – which ended at the sleeves, I had not enough fabric to match them, too. The back part contains 4 pieces, a main back part, two sides and the yoke.

When I was done with matching, the main problem causer was the front and it’s 90 degree seam! Whaaat? – you ask? Yes, I was like,  what the heck is going on here? Some trick? Cause I have never seen such witchery before… turns out it’s a feature done on RTW, too. I failed it badly!

For those who want to do it properly, read this tutorial by Clothing Engineer, it’s wonderful! Style Arc for example have this corner seam on  a lot patterns.

So where did I go wrong? With French seams! There is no way you are able to make a corner seam with French seams. It got soo, awfully bulky that I thanked God somebody dreamt patch pockets on the front, exactly where there is the corner seam. So, it’s our secret okay? Don’t tell anyone about the horrible inside, haha! Then I carefully made the neck stand, the collar, the buttons – I had to put another button on my bust area because there was a gaping.

The sleeve plackets were new to me, I followed this super tutorial on YT. Then for the cuffs, I watched Professor Pincushion’s tutorial (I love her channel!!). I am so proud of my crisp cuff, they are gorgeous!  After a year I purchased button sewing foot for my sewing machine! No more handstitching! (I had such a great motivation after checking that I have to sew 14-16 buttons..).

I left out the sleeve strap and the outer button, the cuff is pretty stable when I fold it to my elbow. I also didn’t sew belt loops, I love the belt as it is, it’s also steady.

ingr4 ingr1 ingr2


ingr6 ingr7 ingr8


Overall thoughts?

The Lekala 4508 shirt dress is a detailed, very RTW and always-will-be-stylish pattern, I think this shirt dress is my most fashionable garment. I think it offers a lot to learn for the newbies.

My only concern that it is tight across the bust, and the sleeve is still very tight and the side seam ends too high (like most of my Lekala garments) and just a teeny-tiny uncomfortable. But it’s really pretty, everyday, wearable dress, the linen is such a gem to wear and did you spot my matching nail colour?! 

P.S. Yesterday my journey, my third attempt to reach the glorious city of Tailored Jackets began. I bought uttery beautiful (and sadly very expensive) wool, pre-steamed yesterday and I’ll be away for a while. Also, Hubby finally have me make his shirt, a navy poplin shirt which he was dreaming about for a while, haha – read this way: I bought the fabric for him 2 months ago and poor shirt was always at the end of the to-do-list, he said “I can’t believe finally I’ll have a shirt!”, so yes, a shirt and a jacket to go!

I also ordered brooch for the jacket. Is it crazy? Brooch for a 26 yrs old? I never wore a brooch! But it is a deer, a golden deer. With antlers, for God sake! Okay, seriously, I’m getting old!

And everybody, join the #sewphotohop on IG, it’s great!!! I meet so many fellow seamstresses, it’s really fun.


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