Lekala Pleated Skirt With Yoke – Sewing Pattern #S3017

Lekala Pleated Skirt With Yoke – Sewing Pattern #S3017

Hey Everyone!

Today I’ll share a quick but one of my not-the-best projects. I’ll tak this time about Lekala Pleated Skirt With Yoke – Sewing Pattern #S3017 which is still free, a beta pattern if you want to give it a try!

I fell in love with this cream-lilac viscose, shiny, glam fabric I saw in the store window. I touched it, the right side is quite stiff, but the wrong side is very soft. Hmm, I shoud make a pleated skirt from this – that was my first thought.

Thing is, I have a straight hip which means normal pleated skirts and gathered skirts look awful on me. Somehow I aways need to focus my cothing on fitted skirts and trousers – fitted around my waist and hip. Without fitting a garment around my hip this slight curve gets lost and I look strange.

So eventually I found this pattern, Lekala Pleated Skirt With Yoke – Sewing Pattern #S3017and I was delighted to see that it is halfdown fitted with pleats, that’s my girl.

With my previous silk dress I was fine with pleats, but oh boy, with this bottom-weighted, viscose fabric I should have been more careful. I secured only the top of the pleats and the rest of it – I did not. I hoped it would fall okay, but turned out, these pleats became alive and decided, nope, we’re not doing it… somehow the grainline must be off, I have no idea why a pleat is broken below the seam line – now I know I should have secured (with basting stitches) it all the way down, the pleats.

And this fabric can not be ironed too much on the right side, it’s a pain in the ass to get these pleats ironed!

After the pleat securing I didn’t see the drape of the garment and I haven’t redo it – I still have no dress form to put it on and see what’s going on, which makes me willing to buy one but every month I have such a long list what I should purchase and these big plans just go to pieces. Like: serger, button sewing foot, dress form… and meanwhile we always have some fixing around the house, or yepp, holidays or the basic stuff. So, I should spare more and then I wouldn’t end up like this, ehh.

HOWEVAH, I feel like a princess in this skirt!

I made only one little alteration, I had to make looser the waistband by letting to be visible the hidden zipper, I couldn’t loosen up the side, there was the waistband sealing it.

ilac1 ilac4 ilac5 lilac3 lilac2
    DSC_0409 DSC_0412

2 thoughts on “Lekala Pleated Skirt With Yoke – Sewing Pattern #S3017”

  • Too bad for off-grain pleats, but other than that it’s a really beautiful skirt! And you were right, this model looks good on you! Maybe you could consider sewing this pattern again, when you find some inspiring fabric 🙂 And once again – I really like your new haircut!

    • thanks Vesna! Yeah, I was thinking about publishing at all but at least we took nice photos, haha 😀 I’m quite shamed of this skirt, but yesterday I finished a shirt dress which took a month to do, and now I’M satisfied with the progress again 😀

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