Dark Lolita – Lekala 4552

Dark Lolita – Lekala 4552

I love Peter Pan collars and I love princess seams. And knits. And those together? Hmm, sounds delicious!


This Lekala 4552 dress seemed to be perfect – but the weather is too hot for sleeves, so I decided I’ll leave them out. (Although I did cut the fabric pieces for the sleeeves and tried it on one side, it looked too Matrix-Trinity and I still struggle with sleeves… when they compound of 2 pieces. They looked too backward and I was lazy to niggling with it, so OFF YOU GO, you bastard sleeves! And voilรก, a sleeveless dress!

I was in a quite bad mood when I went for buying fabric, I had a serious argue with someone from my family, and I felt so low – originally I wanted to buy dark navy puplin for my hubby’s shirt (first man shirt, still untouched fabric), and who am I, to buy only 1,5 m fabric to my beloved one? And I was looking for the perfect fabric for a while, but no luck. I only found not-pretty jerseys and they were expensive and then…. I found this black, latex-like, badass fabric. Why not? It stretches, I’ll take it! Even if it was made for cosplayers!

I think there is nothing much to tell about it. I carefully documented the process on IG, here.

It has princess seams, I used zig-zag stitches to let the fabric stretch. Then I had the body part – I used bias binding on the armhole (I cut strips of fabric, sewed them to the right side of the fabric and folded them to inside and stitched again).

Bias binding on armhole

Then came the horrible brainstorming, which one of my magnificent lingerie lace should I use for the collar? Originally I was thinking about white lace – it would push the limits, would be extraordinary but maybe too DIY? I love black dresses with white collars, like these:



And then I sticked to a grey+black lace, this:


For the upper collar piece I used the lace and for the other piece the jersey fabric. I attached bias binding to the inside of the collar piece and neckline. And here came the trouble: the neck wasn’t that sretchy anymore – my head barely fits in! At least fits. Zipper would look pretty strange on the stretch fabric on the back, so, I don’t know how should I have done it. Any tips? Bigger neckline maybe?

I also made the whole dress more fitted, it was quite loose on me – maybe Lekala is not the strongest when it comes to stretchy patterns. It was loose around the bust and waist, too.




10 3 5ย  11 12 88

The collar turned out a little big, and one side laps the other.


Final thoughts about Lekala 4552?

This dress is definitely has a killer look but I’m not too satisfied with its fit. And I’ll never leave the house alone in this dress, that’s for sure, haha!






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