Lekala #S3025 Skirt With Insets And Piping

Lekala #S3025 Skirt With Insets And Piping


This skirt was waiting patiently to be blogged about for quite a time. When I saw the Lekala #S3025 Skirt With Insets And Piping sewing pattern which is still a “beta” sewing pattern (not completely released) but the beta verions means it is free (hurray), I knew I wanted to make it. And the reason: piping! Yes, I wanted to try myself out in sewing piping, and now, on a skirt.

I thought I would do a regular piping (not pre-made) but I would make by myself (with cording and bias tape) but it turned out that usually cording is used with pillows and for clothes flat piping – means no cording. Hmm, I’m still not sure whether is it true all the time, originally I was looking for corded piping. Never mind.

I bought totally fabolous linen, and this is my first linen garment ever. This baby blue is one of my favourite colors, so soft and cute. And linen! Well, it’s not such a big crush like silk (one of the clerks in my fav. fabric shop told me that linen is love for her), I’m really into silk – but linen is totally fine, too. And so comfortable to wear in these hot summer days!


IMG_3237 (1) IMG_3235 IMG_3232

It’s quite stiff as you can tell from the pictures has wrinkles, like the fabric itself is based on wrinkles. But I don’t mind, it kinda has a sporty feeling!

About the process:

The pattern is very straight forward, no confusing parts. I made bias tape from cotton batiste – I had 1 yard in the stash and I think it paired really well with the baby blue linen.

I think I kinda overdone the piping – it is supposed to be smaller, but mine is really – visible, haha!

So I started with the upper front pieces – two pairs on the left and right side. Then attached them to the huge front part, which made me had a big T – and then I attached the side front, long parts and side side parts, and then I attached them the upper back pieces and larger back parts.

You can see I topstitched the piping every time – but only one side. I had to do really lot ironing, and a lot of zigzag on the inside. Linen frays a lot, and without overlocker it is not too nice… but I couldn’t use French seams as I used to, it would be really hard to make proper piping. Any tips? 

Right side skirt – bias strips folded in half (raw edge on the outer side)
Laying down the other piece I want to attach – rigth side down
Flat piping between the linen

Then I put interfacing to the front and back facings, sewed them together and sewed them to the skirt and finally attached the zipper, finished the skirt’s slit, hemmed the skirt.

After attaching interfacing I understitched the facing ( sewing the seam allowance to the facing only – then no visible seamlines on the front part
Ugly side: I tried out a fancy stitching on the machine – I guess it won’t be too useful on the facing
IMG_3290 (1)
Matching the piping is not too easy!


Overall opinion about Lekala #S3025?

I love it. Besides my technical issues it’s a really cute, fresh skirt, finally I made some twists with a fabric, and as the sewing pattern was free it was totally worth it. It might be too curvey on the sides (because the insets are curved pattern pieces), but whatever! Working with linen should be repeated, really soon!

2 thoughts on “Lekala #S3025 Skirt With Insets And Piping”

  • Very nice skirt! It looks great on you. Thank you for the informative review. I didn’t know that word “Baby blue”. It sounds pretty:)))

    • Thank you Eli!
      I’m not sure baby blue is used in English, but in Hungarian we use it 🙂 It’s the color of the newborn boy babies, you know that shade of blue! I really love these pastel colours, I don’t know why I’m so attracted, but I prefer them over the gem colours!

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