‘Budapest’ FREE high waist panty sewing pattern XS-XXL

‘Budapest’ FREE high waist panty sewing pattern XS-XXL

Hi All,

I was thinking about giving something back to the sewing blogsphere – because I learnt so much from you, I learnt the most from bloggers, tutorials, little videos and you gave me so much inspiration I can’t tell!

So here is my little treat for you, ‘Budapest’ FREE high waist panty sewing pattern! Nowadays the high waist panties are very popular – and I get it why – we all need now and then a comfy, cosy but flattering undie.

The ‘Budapest’ high waist panty

I got the main idea from THIS Vogue article: Love in Full Bloomers.

It’s not hard to see why big knickers are back, especially if you’ve had the horrifying experience of seeing yourself wearing a G-string in a three-way changing-room mirror.

So here you go, my gift to you, the ‘Budapest’ (as I’m from Hungary, living in Budapest) FREE high waist panty sewing pattern!

And of course, a little Sew-Along!

What should you know about the ‘Budapest’ FREE high waist panty sewing pattern?
  • very comfy, relaxed fit
  • the top of the panty ends an inch (2,5 cm) belowe the belly button
  • it has 3 pattern pieces
  • has a floating gusset
  • made with love!
Materials required:
  • 0.5 m/yard fabric – cotton, lycra is suitable – the point is to have 4 way stretch fabric
  • a little piece of cotton to the gusset/crotch lining
  • elastic – I designed the pattern for FOE (fold over elastic) and stretch lace elastic – because these don’t require Seam Allowances on the waist and leg openings – if you want to use regular elastic, you’ll need to add SA to waist and leg openings as well!
Seam allowances:
  • There is no SA included except the Gusset piece!
  • SA needed to add = 0,5 mm at the side seams and the crotch seams AND IF you use regular elastic – to the waist and leg openings as well
Sizing of ‘Budapest’ FREE high waist panty sewing pattern:

Sizing is according to your HIP size.

  • XS hip size: 33 4/8 – 34 4/8 inch (85 – 87.6 cm)
  • S hip size: 35 4/8 – 36 4/8 inch (90 – 92.7 cm)
  • M hip size: 37 4/8 – 38 4/8 inch (95.3 – 97.8 cm)
  • L hip size: 40 – 41 4/8 inch (101.6 – 105.4 cm)
  • XL hip size: 43 – 44 4/8 inch (109.2 – 113 cm)
  • XXL: 46 4/8 – 48 4/8 inch (118.1 – 123-2 cm)
Downloadable PDF pattern pieces of the Budapest free high waist sewing pattern:

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Are you ready for Budapest? Let’s see how it goes!

1. step: Choosing and cutting your fabric

  • cut Front and Back and Gusset ON FOLD. Gusset should be cotton jersey, don’t use nylon or any microfiber fabric because they ain’t no good for your body, trust and stick with cotton!
  • For the main fabric, you can use lycra, cotton jersey, tulle/mesh, etc, just make sure it’s 4 way stretchy.
  • It’s not necessary to prewash microfiber fabric because the shrinkage is minimal, but if you want to be sure, do it.


Stretch muslin, cotton jersey and lycra with matching elastic


2. step: Finishing the floating gusset

  • Fold the wide edge of the gusset (5 mm) and stitch it down with straight stitch – this seam won’t stretch.
  • Note: I used a square piece of gusset, yours gonna be wider on one side. (Mine turned out to be a little short, that’s why I lengthened the pattern piece.)
Wrong side of floating gusset


3. step: Sewing Gusset + Front + Back together

  • Lay down the FRONT piece, RIGHT SIDE FACING YOU, then lay on it the BACK piece, WRONG SIDE FACING YOU, then lay down on them the GUSSET, WRONG SIDE FACING YOU- make sure the UNSTITCHED edge of the gusset alignes with the front and back crotch parts.
  • Stitch the crotch seam and trim the seam allowance
  • Fold the gusset to the front
  • I usually stabilize the floating part by putting 1-2 stitches on the right and left side. This way it’s easier to attach the elastic from the right side later (the gusset won’t be bulky and slip away)


13262193_10209969622106782_2104942234_o Looks like this from the inside after sewing
Just 2 little stitches on the edges

3. step: Sewing side seams

  • What you need to do is put together the front and back RIGHT SIDES facing, and sew the side seam (SA is 5 mm) with ZIG-ZAG!
  • These seams will be stretched out the most when dressing up and down, so make the seam stable.
  • You can trim the seam allowance, or if you have serger, use it!


4. Step: Add elastic to leg openings

  • If you use lace elastic, just lay it on the RIGHT side of the panty at the leg openings (I usually start at the side seam for the good looking panty or at the crotch seam) and depening on the width of the lace zig-zag the elastic on the panty. Use 5 mm SA on the main fabric, and on the lace whatever you feel comfortable with – 5 mm or 1 cm if it’s a wider elastic.
  • During sewing : PULL the elastic a little, but DON’T PULL the fabric at all! This way the panty will snug on your body.
  • Trim the seam allowances later

13228002_10209969623426815_1748601188_n 13225062_10209969622906802_1978241678_o 13235040_10209969621626770_1104528923_o13224110_10209969622426790_34957052_o

5. step: Finish the panty with attaching elastic to the waist

  • with the same method, attach elastic to the waist as well.
  • trim the seam allowances, and well, YOU CREATED YOUR BUDAPEST PANTY! Congrats!!!



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12 thoughts on “‘Budapest’ FREE high waist panty sewing pattern XS-XXL”

  • The Budapest panty pattern is really well explained. It took me around half an hour to do from printing the pattern out to finishing sewing. They are super comfy. I really like these and will be making more.

  • Hi, How about your Craftsy class?
    This post is very informative and interesting. Because I will make a panty(as swimwear) for summer :))) Thank you, Réka!

    • Thanks, I’m glad you found it helpful!! 🙂
      You asking about the Blazer class? I haven’t finished it… it’s a UFO right now (unfinished project :D)

  • I found these to be easy to sew and very comfortable…I will be making more soon.
    Thank you so much for this pattern!

  • szia! nagyon klasszul megszerkesztetted a szabásmintát! megkérdezhetem, hogy milyen programot használtál hozzá? illetve a workshopodat hol tartottad? 🙂

    • Szia Orsi!
      Illustratort használtam 🙂 a workshopot pedig a Varróház Online-nál tartottam Budapesten :).

  • is it me, or where can I find the downloadable pants ? would so love to try them out.

    • Hi!
      You can find them under the “downloadable ..” title, each size begins with “link to ..” . Just click on the link according to your size! Have fun ☺

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