White lace longline bra sewing – pure magic!

White lace longline bra sewing – pure magic!

Hey All,

Hope you’re having a great time, we have a 3 days long weekend because of national holiday and next week we’re off to ride bike from Prague to Dresden (we’re traveling with train to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and then we’ll ride 210 kms to get to the German city, Dresden.)

So I keep sewing, I’m almost finished with my second Lekala dress, some finishing touches are needed and OF COURSE I had to sew a new bra for myself. I wanted to make a nice longline bra for a very long time, and I was thinking about a boned one – you know which look like almost bustiers. Or they are actually bustiers. So, some kind of hybrid!

I created the sister of the black lace bra! And why is it a sister? Not only for that it is white and that one black, but because they arrived together. By the way, this white lace is super soft, the black one was tougher to touch, but this white lace (to my surprise) seems to be better quality. 

I wanted a similar look like this one below:

You know, I used for this white lace longline bra sewing the same self drafted pattern just like with the black one, but I used a more relaxed underwire (the sides were almost evenly short, so no significant difference), and my main idea was a two cup pieces bra, which is decorated on the band by the lace itself and also on the upper cup piece.  Also I lenghtened the cradle and wings. And I wanted to have a round look, not a triangle look.

I was used to put elastic on the upper cup piece, but the black one, and now the white bra proved that it’s not that necessary when the cup itself is stretchy – snugs on your body!

I knew I had to stabilize the cradle and I used for that white rigid tulle. I remember when I made this emerald longline that it had wrinkles all over the cradle. I learnt that I should have used a shorter lining piece to avoid that (it would free floating) but with this white lace it would have ruined the look – how do you hide the board of the lining? I could have used jersey and lace, and then lining, but… I wasn’t concerned that much.

So, it has few wrinkles – but it’s okay! And actually I love it so much, it’s very comfortable and very gorgeous look. I’m thinking about putting boning to the sides and to the front – but I’m not sure yet. I love it anyway!

I havve one more thing to do: matching panties!

Another information: for a while I’m aware my right and left boobies are not even. There is a slight difference which why I use a bigger size of underwire which fit perfectly my right one, and almost pefectly my left one. BUT! I discovered that on the right side there is always gaping in the cradle and when I pull the fabric it disappered.

So my solution was that I shortened the cradle on my right side – and voilá! With this white longline lace bra it’s perfect! No more gaping 🙂

( PS: I know there are puckers… they happened at the very first step and I discovered them too late when I had no energy to unpick so many seams. )


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