Lekala 4365 – turquoise rayon dress with pleats

Lekala 4365 – turquoise rayon dress with pleats

The story of me and my new dress is… you, know, complicated. I instantly fell in love with Lekala 4365 pattern when I saw another member’s creation, THIS one. I mean, not the neon green color but the fit! The fit is amazing, it’s so on spot, and I wanted to make a fitted, beautiful garment for myself as well.

Previously I bought rayon/viscose flokon (flokon is in Hunagrian, I really don’t know how others call it – flokon means the softest woven type), around 2 meters and I wanted to make a maxi dress from it. Flokon drapes amazingly, it’s so bland, like a huge pile of feathers. I loved it!

But I was afraid it’s not gonna be enough, so instead I went for Lekala 4365.


Lekala 4365 is a basic dress, with zipper on the back, and two pleats on the front, wrap-style.

The instructions are… not the best, okay? Basically it says just fold over the front (to create a 1,5 cm facing?!) and that’s it. No fusible interfacing, no facing, nothing! I knew this would not work, so I put fusible interfacing on the neckline, on the zipper, too.

I haven’t modified anything on the pattern, but I asked for reduced back measurement. It has a little gaping on the top of the back, anyways the fit is really good!

It wasn’t easy to match the front left and right sides together, because it’s hard to tell the middle point on the chest, but I managed to find it.

Anyway, it’s not a hard project, I liked it, and when I LOVED it was the time when I tried it on!

I handbasted the hem, although I don’t like it, it’s too visible, the little dots… And I made a mistake on the hem, it is not even, but this diagonal line harmonizes with the pleats’ line, so, I don’t mind. This was my first time to make a sleeveless dress and I screwed up the armhole. And I screwed up the neckline facing too! I faced the shoulder parts and the front parts seperately, so when they meet above my breasts, it has these tiny threads…

Okay, I finished it last weekend (at the end of April). I was satisfied with it and this weekend we were going for a party and to the museum – to the Hungarian Natural History Museum. This time there is the exhibiton of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year – it was amazing! And two Hungarian photgraphers were also nominated, these are the two photos of their work:


Amazing, right?

And this one, too, which was taken near the lake Balaton:


So I’m really proud of my Hungarian fellas! 🙂

Back to the dress.. we were preparing on Saturday and I forgot that my dress still has stains, chalk marks and stuff! NOOO! I instantly put it in the washing machine, on hand wash then I just turned it off, tried to make it quicker… and when I took it out, there were the marks!

Then it rained and we decided to go to the museum on Sunday. Okay, no rush, I put it again to the washing machine but I accidentally changed the program to normal wash! :((((( I’m so stupid. This kind of rayon can’t be centrifuging, and when it was done it was a HAIRY MONSTER! Frays everywhere! (yes, I forgot to use French seams, I just zigzagged some seam allowances and it was a total failure.)

I guess Coco Chanel invented her famous jacket this way, she accidentally washed something which frayed like hell! LOL 🙂

So on Sunday morning I went to the sewing machine and tried to fix it. Oh, did I tell that the washing machine ripped one of my seams?! How dare! So in the end, my lovely dress was a little… silly. Like someone who has a hungover.

But I put it one and wore it with grace.

Sorry for these photos, I hate posing for photos in public….

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