In case you wonder…

In case you wonder…

Hi All! It’s been quite .. quiet a while! I just wanted to let you know we’re expecting our first baby, and that’s why I abandoned the blog and all the sewing lately. She (yes, a girl ^^) will arrive in mid July, and to […]

Lekala 4162 – “Three of the Hungarian justice” with blazer sewing as well

Lekala 4162 – “Three of the Hungarian justice” with blazer sewing as well

Hey-hey! It’s been a while, and those who follow me on Instagram know the truth: I’ve been busy with blazer sewing in the last 1 and half month. When I started to sew 1,5 years ago, I tried to make a suit at my 4th […]

Lace longline bra with diagonal seams

Lace longline bra with diagonal seams

Hi Kittens,

I completed my superb, tailored jacket/blazer whatever you call it! YEAH! (Photos and post about it when I am healthy again…)

So, yes, jacketmaking did take me 1,5 months and it is really rewarding. I had a downpoint after 1 month but eventually could get my shit together and finish the garment. And now that I’m done with it, as you can guess, it was hard to avoid starting other projects (okay, okay, I knitted socks and hat for relaxing purposes), but didn’t start to sew anything! And I’m really proud of myself for not producing another UFO. And you know, it’s kinda frustrating when for this long time all you can see on IG is the sea of easier projects – and you have to keep focused and not wanting to start something new. It’s tempting!

But now I’m done, I thought I’ll sew some lingerie, because it’s been a while. Besides that I teach on my workshops around once a month I wasn’t really in sewing lingerie for a while now, I just lacked the inspiration and, well, I’m not a hoarder, I had finally 6-7 perfect bras and I was fine with them. Still am.

I just saw the new Madalynne patterns (amazing girl, rising like a lingerie-star!!), and I GOT inspired. 

And while I’m planning to purchase the 8228 pattern, I thought I would draft my own 8229 pattern. Actually I have never made a bra with correct diagonal seams (with 2 cup pieces only) so it was time to challenge myself!

I used my trusted self-drafted pattern pieces from my previous project, the white lace longline bra.

So how did I transfer the seamline?



Sorry for my Paint magic, but I hope it is still useful.

So, I took my horizontal seamlined cup pieces and slide them on top of each other at the seam allowance line – and tried to align them until the Bust Point (which point the seamline MUST cross). I drew the new line and made it slightly curved, added SA.

Then for the inner cup piece I took the other side of the cup pieces and did the same, added SA.

I had to measure the cradle of course – the wire line length and it must be EQUAL with the bottom curve of the cup pieces (which fit into the cradle). Is this clear? If not, please, write a comment and I try to explain it better!

So I had my new cup patterns and it was time to sew. I used this pretty blue lace which I ordered from AliExpress (it’s not available now) for a while now – then I lined each part so the seams are pretty and not raw inside as well.

I lined the cradle with rigid tulle too, so there are 3 layers. And basically that’s it.

I made matching thong right after the bra was done, I used my very old RTW thong to copy the pattern.

14689705_1120145578022205_395186885_o 14689845_1120145248022238_871224250_o




Well, the diagonal seamline is OK, it is a little too deep – I could pinch out some extra fabric next time and redraw the pattern lines. I’m happy that at the first try the new bra fits me – so hurray for the design process 🙂 However, I still love the horizontal seamlines, but it was really great to experiment with seamlines.

What’s next?

Cold weather touched my soul so as I’m already into navy blue stuff I want to make a navy blue bodysuit… 🙂

Plaid shirt dress – Lekala 4508

Plaid shirt dress – Lekala 4508

Hey! After 1 month of process, the Lekala #4508 shirt dress is completed, hurray! I bought this beautiful plaid linen fabric at the same time the cotton fabric of this skirt, at the beginning of August. And I almost started the skirt and the shirt […]

Lekala Pleated Skirt With Yoke – Sewing Pattern #S3017

Lekala Pleated Skirt With Yoke – Sewing Pattern #S3017

Hey Everyone! Today I’ll share a quick but one of my not-the-best projects. I’ll tak this time about Lekala Pleated Skirt With Yoke – Sewing Pattern #S3017 which is still free, a beta pattern if you want to give it a try! I fell in love […]

Bramaker goin’ braLESS – Lekala Pencil Skirt With Piping – Sewing Pattern #S3024

Bramaker goin’ braLESS – Lekala Pencil Skirt With Piping – Sewing Pattern #S3024

Hey All!

We’re back from Barcelona where we spent 5 beautiful days with the help of the lovely Sofía from Silver Lining Atelier – she happens to live in Barcelona – unfortunately we couldn’t meet but she wrote me a superb guide to the city, so, it was really pleasure to discover the city!

I gotta admit I preferred the less-crowded parts of the city, like the Monastery of Pedralbes and the CosmoCaixa! – natural history museum where you can try out awesome experiences of physics and there are 5 floors to have fun! One place I regret we went: the Aquarium Not because it was bad, but it was super-crowded and super-expensive – and like 2 days later we went to CosmoCaixa! which was much cheaper and it also contained a large part with aquariums.

For sunbathing and swimming we decided to go to Badalona beach which was really nice, mostly surrounded by locals and not so freakin’ crowded like Barceloneta.

I wanted to visit the Picasso museum but when we went there turned out to be a 1 hour long waiting and then it turned out also that on Sunday afternoons it’s free to go in after 3 pm, but … impossible long line! And in Budapest it happens to be a Picasso exhibition in the National Gallery– so yesterday I went there, cause it’s gonna finish next week and it was a great exhibition after all- guiding you through his life and eras. so I’m not sad to miss the one in Barcelona. My fav. painting was also here in Budapest, the Reading.

Of course we visited Sagrada Família (buy your ticket online in prior!), and Güell park and my absolutely favourite, Parc del Laberint d’Horta! Yes, this is the park and labirynth where the most scented woman in the movie Perfume lives nearby, and I really really love the movie and the book and Süskind is a f***ing genius but I think he got stuck after the huge success of his book.

It was also new to me that how strong is the national identity of the Catalan people.

If you ask me, Barcelona is a vivid, modern and old city at the same time, must-see city but my favourite is still Firenze (Florence) and Tuscany, if you ask me. I’m much more attracted to the old cities and traditional buildings and the gothic quarter in Barcelona is much smaller than the modern parts of the city. Firenze is a living, totally pristine city and Tuscany is just the loveliest place I’ve ever seen in my life (ok, we went there for honeymoon so I might be too attached emotionally :).


We got a new photo camera!!! YES! Now I’m into some serious photoshooting, finally. It’s totally sad when you can’t document your garments in a visible, delicious way so i’m super-happy with our Nikon D3300 right now, it’s a great device and we’re learning it’s features and sets.

I cut my hair – the last time it was this short was like 7 yrs ago… and yep, my husband freaked out! Now he is getting used to it. The last 10 cms of my hair was very very dry and thin and I hated its condition. Now I try to use a pure coconut oil hair treatment once a week and I use less shampoo (only on roots), more conditioner on the ends and deep treatment. I try not to use hairdryer and we’ll see… as originally I have wavy hair it is dry in its own. I’ll let you know if the coconut oil is working!

Also we got back our little pet, Mollika from holiday. She spent 2 months at my parents-in-law, they are retired and working in the garden all day long, having another dog and well, we didn’t want her to be in Budapest, on the 3rd floor during the whole hot summer. We did the same last summer, but today she was really ready to come home! And we’re happy to have her again.


Now let me tell you some funny story. So I accidentally read a blog post about being over of sewing blogging. If you blog about sewing, I’m sure you are familiar with the feeling that sometimes you dunno why you do it, sometimes the endless sewing-related IG feed is so boring, and it’s quite narcisstic thing to make – take photos – upload and make again. Sometimes the pressure of blogging is too much and you lost the passion, and sometimes I’m so bored of the overly basic shapes of a lot of people making – shapeless tees and dresses. But luckily just sometimes!

So when I read this blog post basically the author wrote my exact feelings and she was like, ‘I want to do more stuff I rarely do nowadays like reading, gardenning and do less social media, blabla.’ I was nodding – yes, exactly, I wanna read more! I wanna paint more like I used to and get slower in sewing. Having a slower process, experimenting with complicated garments – yes, yes.

And a lot of comments supported her, shared the exact feelings. And then I went back to the home page, and tada, 2 months silence and she was back again 🙂. If I ever go on hiatus I would skip like half a year, or a year. Not two months! I usually blog monthly so this was a funny read.

Now let’s get to the subject! Bramaker goin’ braLESS you ask? Yes! I have the best bras I could but sometimes I have tops which absolutely don’t go with bras. And I’m mostly braless at home so I will present my latest project in a natural ensemble. When it comes to bras I’m also at the – show it naturally – side, without foam. So many women are afraid that nipples will show through. Why? Guys got nipples and running half – naked half-summer! You got two beautiful boobies, don’t be harsh with them, don’t be strict with them, hiding them behind a STANDARD-SHIELD. 

Okay, a lot of times I got someone saying to me : ‘back when I was young / before giving birth / 20 years ago ‘ stuff – saying that they changed, but I think women at my age, my situation (e.g. before kids) hide them also. Be proud! Don’t try to ‘suit the requirements’! My boobs are uneven, in bikin it’s more visible, sometimes it’s not but I accept them the way they are. And I’m proud. And I’ll be proud whatever age I’ll be and whatever shape they will be. 



So, I downloaded a bunch of free Lekala skirt patterns in July and this whole sewing started when my – let’s call her – mentor, told me that she doesn’t get why I won’t go to sewing class because my previous skirt, THIS with piping looked kinda funny/imperfect/beginner. The piping! Yes, I know, imperfect first try. And I wanted to prove her I can do better! And I’m too much of a DIY girl. (She is a traditional, trained seamstress with decades of knowledge).

I choose this Pencil Skirt With Piping – Sewing Pattern #S3024 and choose a happy-go-lucky cotton fabric from my fav. store. I had some turqoise viscose fabric remains from this project and used it for piping and bias binding! And they look so well together! 

dsc84 dsc85 dsc86 dsc94

Nothing rocket science in this skirt, the front is more interesting than the back. But I was much more careful with the piping sewing, and of course I knew much more than with the previous one.

I made bias binding on the 2 whole seperate front panels and sewed them together with topstitching, I mean the panels. For the bias binding I made them by hand, I used this tutorial! I think it’s a great tutorial, explaining the difference between single fold bias binding and double fold bias binding and the whole process.

dsic01 dsc99 dsc92 dsc91 dsc88

What I didn’t love too much about this skirt that at my hip it’s too curvy and the original patterns pieces are curvy – still don’t know why. It adds bulk at the side seam but after wearing I’m pretty satisfied with this Pencil Skirt With Piping #S3024 skirt! It’s pure FUN! It’s pure summer, and laughing and some interesting details and oh boy, I’m so proud of my piping and bias binding now!  (After all I’m such a lazy seamstress…)

And I show you the inside, too: my waistband happens to be unfinished – the edges, but you can see the zipper and the zig-zags on the seams. It’s pretty neat and i’m not dramatic not having an overlock right now. That day will come, too!


dsc353 dsc354 dsc356 dsc360 dsc361 dsc358 dsc357


Dark Lolita – Lekala 4552

Dark Lolita – Lekala 4552

I love Peter Pan collars and I love princess seams. And knits. And those together? Hmm, sounds delicious! This Lekala 4552 dress seemed to be perfect – but the weather is too hot for sleeves, so I decided I’ll leave them out. (Although I did […]

Maxi knit dress sewing tutorial

Maxi knit dress sewing tutorial

Hi there! Have you ever felt in a fabric shop that you left a GEM behind? Like you are itching for weeks, (worse: have nightmares, lol) about that beautiful, unique, awesome fabric which you have NOT bought. And some other person wears it and happy […]

Lekala #S3025 Skirt With Insets And Piping

Lekala #S3025 Skirt With Insets And Piping


This skirt was waiting patiently to be blogged about for quite a time. When I saw the Lekala #S3025 Skirt With Insets And Piping sewing pattern which is still a “beta” sewing pattern (not completely released) but the beta verions means it is free (hurray), I knew I wanted to make it. And the reason: piping! Yes, I wanted to try myself out in sewing piping, and now, on a skirt.

I thought I would do a regular piping (not pre-made) but I would make by myself (with cording and bias tape) but it turned out that usually cording is used with pillows and for clothes flat piping – means no cording. Hmm, I’m still not sure whether is it true all the time, originally I was looking for corded piping. Never mind.

I bought totally fabolous linen, and this is my first linen garment ever. This baby blue is one of my favourite colors, so soft and cute. And linen! Well, it’s not such a big crush like silk (one of the clerks in my fav. fabric shop told me that linen is love for her), I’m really into silk – but linen is totally fine, too. And so comfortable to wear in these hot summer days!


IMG_3237 (1) IMG_3235 IMG_3232

It’s quite stiff as you can tell from the pictures has wrinkles, like the fabric itself is based on wrinkles. But I don’t mind, it kinda has a sporty feeling!

About the process:

The pattern is very straight forward, no confusing parts. I made bias tape from cotton batiste – I had 1 yard in the stash and I think it paired really well with the baby blue linen.

I think I kinda overdone the piping – it is supposed to be smaller, but mine is really – visible, haha!

So I started with the upper front pieces – two pairs on the left and right side. Then attached them to the huge front part, which made me had a big T – and then I attached the side front, long parts and side side parts, and then I attached them the upper back pieces and larger back parts.

You can see I topstitched the piping every time – but only one side. I had to do really lot ironing, and a lot of zigzag on the inside. Linen frays a lot, and without overlocker it is not too nice… but I couldn’t use French seams as I used to, it would be really hard to make proper piping. Any tips? 

Right side skirt – bias strips folded in half (raw edge on the outer side)
Laying down the other piece I want to attach – rigth side down
Flat piping between the linen

Then I put interfacing to the front and back facings, sewed them together and sewed them to the skirt and finally attached the zipper, finished the skirt’s slit, hemmed the skirt.

After attaching interfacing I understitched the facing ( sewing the seam allowance to the facing only – then no visible seamlines on the front part
Ugly side: I tried out a fancy stitching on the machine – I guess it won’t be too useful on the facing
IMG_3290 (1)
Matching the piping is not too easy!


Overall opinion about Lekala #S3025?

I love it. Besides my technical issues it’s a really cute, fresh skirt, finally I made some twists with a fabric, and as the sewing pattern was free it was totally worth it. It might be too curvey on the sides (because the insets are curved pattern pieces), but whatever! Working with linen should be repeated, really soon!

Lekala 4456 shirt sewing

Lekala 4456 shirt sewing

Hi! Today I’ll show you my Lekala 4456 shirt sewing project, which began before my silk dress project, but you know, when I bought the silk I couldn’t resist to finish that first! Although I was almost finished with the shirt by that time, but […]